SilvaNet-WoodNet 2022

29. 11. 2022

Grant board of the IGA FFWT MENDELU awarded the student presentations at the SilvaNet-WoodNet 2022 conference

The Grant board of the Internal Grant Agency (IGA) of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Science Mendel University in Brno awarded an extraordinary scholarship to the following students of doctoral study programs at the tenth SilvaNet-WoodNet 2022 student conference held on 25 November 2022.

SilvaNet – section Forest Protection, Wildlife Management, Forest Phytology, Forest Ecology

Individual student projects

  1. Mořic Jurečka – Are green bridges located off the motorway network in Lower Austria a justified solution for enhancing permeability for mammals?
  2. Soham Basu – Effect of climate in resistance and resilience South Moravian floodplain forest
  3. Pavel Peška – Long-term development of aspen stands in Czech Republic and in Mongolia

Team student projects

  1. Tomáš Hamřík – Impact of local and landscape factors on diversity and function of spiders in tropical forests of Thailand

SilvaNet – section Landscaping and Landscape Conservation, Renewable Resources Economics and Management, Forest Management, Silviculture, Applied Geoinformatics and Geodesy details

Individual student projects

  1. Anna Mária Mitrová – Growth of trees in newly established agroforestry systems
  2. Martin Kománek – Analysis of dendrometric and structural parameters of beech stands with different management types at the Training Forest Enterprise “Masaryk Forest” Křtiny
  3. Janko Arsić – Growth response and sap flow of Picea abies (L.) Karst. seedlings to elevated CO2 concentration

Team student projects

  1. Dominika Krausková – Monitoring of bark beetle infestation using multitemporal regression in spectral time series acquired by UAV

WoodNet – Wood Science and related technical disciplines

Individual student projects

  1. Hassan Vand Mojtaba – The influence of the temperature on the mechanical properties of wood
  2. Irena Sochová – Palaeoclimatic potential of the multi-centennial oak ring width chronology from western Ukraine
  3. Anna Oberle – Analysis of enzymatically treated tannins – method development challenges

Team student projects

  1. Vojtěch Rychlý – Influence of the strand orientation on the properties of laminated strand lumber

SilvaNet-WoodNet aims to present activities, projects and publication activities of the FFWT MENDELU. The conference is supported by funds of the specific university research activities of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology MENDELU.

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