Academic Senate

The faculty academic senate is an autonomous faculty authority. The powers of the academic senate are defined by articles §26 and §27 of legislation No111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions as amended, and the Statute of the FFWT MENDELU in Brno. Among other functions, the faculty academic senate elects or dismisses the dean, approves the distribution of the faculty´s budget submitted by the dean and monitors its use, decides on the establishment, mergence, integration, division or cancellation of faculty workplaces, approves the entry requirements for study programmes conducted within the faculty etc. The academic senate is elected according to the Election Rules of AS MENDELU and acts according to the Procedural Rules of AS FFWT MENDELU.

prof. Ing. Vladimír Gryc, Ph.D.

Science Board

The faculty Science Board is a faculty body listed in the legislation on Higher Education. Its chair is the faculty dean and its members are outstanding professionals in the fields in which the faculty is involved, in the case of the FFWT: forestry, woodworking, landscaping, arboriculture, furniture design and construction. Appointment or dismissal of members of the Science and Arts Board must be supported by an affirmative vote of the faculty academic senate. The Science and Arts Board meets regularly, generally four times per academic year. Its powers and responsibilities include e.g. discussing strategic objectives for the faculty’s educational and creative activities, approving proposals for study programmes and habilitation procedures, and procedures for appointment of professors or decision-making on habilitation procedures of accredited fields etc.

Dean’s Collegium

The Dean’s Collegium is the dean´s operational advisory body, whose members the dean generally appoints at the beginning of their term of office. The term of office of the collegium ends with that of the dean. The dean’s collegium serves as a body for the dissemination of information and also for operative management towards departments and other workplaces within the faculty. The structure of the collegium depends on the way a particular dean works, but in general the members of the collegium are vice-deans, heads of professional faculty workplaces, the chair of the Academic Senate and the chair of the Student´s Chamber, chairs of professional organizations represented within the faculty, deputies of students’ associations, or other individuals significant to the management of the faculty. Meetings of the dean´s collegium usually take place at monthly intervals.  

Disciplinary Committee

The disciplinary committee is a faculty body listed in the legislation on Higher Education. Its members are selected members of the academic faculty community designated by the dean, half of the disciplinary commission is formed by students. Their appointment or dismissal are subject to positive vote of the Academic Senate at the faculty. According to legislation, the term of office of the disciplinary committee is two years. The main function of the disciplinary committee is to resolve any offenses by students enrolled at the faculty, or rather to make suggestions for the resolution of these offenses, which the committee then submits to the faculty dean.