How to apply?

  1. Firstly apply HERE
  2. Application form (must be completed electronically in Word format and signed)
  3. Mandatory Attachments

a) Scan copy of passport

b) Scan copy of diploma (university bachelor degree or university master degree)

c) Scan copy Transcript of records

d) Motivation letter (The motivation letter should detail any forest or other science experience particulary if it is not inculed in the academic transcript and will be used to assess a candicate’s fitness for admission to the European Forestry course).

e) Skype name/identification (for online interview)

Submitting all documents to

All documents must be translated into English language.


You will be inforemed about date of online entrance examination after submitting all documents.

Online entrace examination will be held in the period from 1st November 2023 to 30the April 2024.

There are two parts of entrance examination.

a) Online interview (motivation, knowledge about forestry in Europe and home country,..)

b) Online test (The minimum score is 40 points out of 100 points).

Sample test here.


You can choose between.

1. Nostrification

The process of Recognition of foreign higher education in the Czech Republic is based on the comparison of the content of previous foreign education and the corresponding accredited study programme offered by a Czech public university. The final “Nostrification Certificate” and the “Desion on Nostrification” are legal documents with lifelong unlimited validity all over the Czech Republic.

Application for nostrification

2. Verification for the purpose of admission

The process of Verification is connected to one specific admission procedure. During this process, the faculty/university verifies the completion of previous foreign education (secondary school, university – Bachelor, Master) legally required for admission to studies at higher education institution.

Applicants to European Forestry must submit the following documents to e-mail address

a) Application for verification of previous foreign education for the purpose of admission procedure to MENDELU

b) Bachelor diploma – officially authenticated copy (please, see below the type of authentication). Please note we do not accept provisional certificates.

c) Transcript of records – officially authenticated copy (please, see below the type of authentication). In case your type of authentication is superlegalization, the list of courses has to be just legalized by the Ministry of foreign affairs – there is no need for superlegalization by the Czech embassy of this document.

d) Copy of passport

e) Confirmation of the right to be admitted to Master study program that with your bachelor’s education, you are allowed to enter a master’s study program in your country – this can be a part of the transcript of records and should be issued by your university

All required documents must be translated into English or Czech.

For successful recognition, the regular duration of the bachelor study must be at least 6 semesters!

Please, be aware that delivered documents will not be returned to you after a nostrification process so please, submit officially authenticated copies not original documents.

After review and approval, the documents are sent to the following address:

David Sís, LDF MENDELU in Brno, Zemědělská 3, 613 00, Czech Republic

  1. Signing a Study contract and paying tuition fees (details of payments in the Study contract).

We do not offer installments for the tuition fee deposit, the deposit needs to be covered fully before we issue the admission documents.

You will be asked to also pay an accommodation deposit, in case you want to use the dormitories of our university. Please note the payment for the accommodation must be done to the account of the accommodation office. If you have any questions or issues regarding the dormitory, contact only their officers. IRO is a separate office and does not have access to its system.


Once the tuition fee deposit is credited to our account, admission documents are issued.

The set of admission documents consist of:

a) Admission Letter

b) Study Contract

c) Annoucement Meeting Entrance Criteria

d) Accommodation Contract (in case you are interested in staying at the university dormitory)

e) Study Confirmation

f) Nostrification Certificate (if processed via MENDELU) / Notification of Education Verification Certificate (in case you applied for our assistance)

VISA (for the applicants with VISA requirements)

As a full-time student, you should apply for a long-term residence permit (for the purpose of studies).

Here you can check the general requirements for visa applicants from the Ministry of Interior.

Once you submit the visa application at the Czech Embassy it might take up to 90 days before your visa is issued. Most of the time it really takes 60-90 days.

Why European Forestry?

This programme is a great choice to understand the European concept of professional forest management within the context of resource and environmental planning of sustainable systems.


Graduates from 19 countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Yemen have graduated from the master programme in European Forestry.

Programme advantages

– Diverse faculty
– International student community
– Numerous field trips
– Modern laboratories
– University-owned training forest
– Compulsory practical training
– Practical field trip to the Mediterranean 
– Graduates may progress to postgraduate (PhD) programmes.

Practical Training

Practical training is provided in the Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny – a part of Mendel University. The forest property covers an area of 10 265 ha.

Programme with tradition

The master programme in European Forestry launched in 2010. Teachers have vast international experience.

Basic information

Duration2 years
Price per academic year65 000 CZK /
2 700 EUR


1. 11. 2023 – 30. 4. 2024Period for Applications
19. 9. 2024Intake to study

Admission procedure cost

  • Recognition of foreign education

Nostrification 3000 CZK

Verification for the purpose of admission 800 CZK

  • DHL costs – the DHL costs need to be covered after your arrival to Brno
  • Accommodation deposit – 5000 CZK, fully refundable in case your visa is declined of you decide to cancel your admission before applying for visa. We will ask you to pay it together with the tuition fee.

Participant testimonial

fI you want to get professional education in forestry in a great international atmosphere, studying and perhaps working abroad, living in the big student city with excellent travelling possibilities and to get to know people (and forestry!) from many different countries, Mendel University and European Forestry master study programme is the place for you!” (Eemeli, Finland)