Student aims to help trees of historical significance

8. 2. 2021
The way to "save" four large-leaved linden trees at Pod Zápovědským kopcem could be to have them declared protected trees.

Karel Novák – a FFWT MENDELU student and researcher on the project I at the Department of Forest Botany, Dendrology and Geobiocoenology wants to try to “save” four large-leaved lindens which grow in a small protected area called Pod Zápovědským kopcem near Kostelec na Hané in Prostějov district.

“It is primarily a lost sacred place whose history dates back to at least the time of the Napoleonic Wars. The trees are average in size but healthy. The only thing that bothers them is the surrounding growth of Canadian poplar trees, which shade them and which will soon threaten the health of branches or entire trees. My primary goal is not to declare the trees protected, but to ensure their “preservation”. “Adult and healthy trees, even of average size, are not as well represented in the ​​agrarian Haná region as elsewhere,” Karel Novák explains the motives that led him to act.

After publicly addressing the citizens of the nearby town with a request for historical photographs of the place or other information regarding the trees and the locality, he prepared a document summarizing all the facts. The document is addressed to the Central Office of the Olomouc Region, which has authority over the protected area where the trees are located.


Photo: Karel Novák

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