Printing of 3D shields at LDF MENDELU day after day…

7. 5. 2020
At the Department of Furniture of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, 3D printing of face-shields for paramedics began on April 6 as part of an initiative entitled The whole Czech Republic is printing. Face-shields were printed continuously until May 7, also for the needs of MendelUniversity.

“We were able to print components for 1,800 protective shields. The printers were staffed by 6 people, ” explains Jiří Tauber from the Department of Furniture, Design and Housing.
One printer was lent by the Institute of Technology and Automobile Transport (AF). The assembly of protective shields for the needs of Mendel University in Brno began on April 29.
“In 3 days we managed to assemble 240 shields, which we handed over to the LDF secretary for further distribution within our departments and other parts of the university. Our shields are also used, for example, by university library employees, ” says Jiří Tauber.


The team is now awaiting delivery of material for the assembly of another 100 protective shields for the needs of the university, and as the demand for shields is currently declining, 3D printing of components has ceased. Thank you to the whole wonderful team!

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