Need some help? Say „Hey Mirror“

11. 6. 2020
8th – 10th  June   Students successfully passed the bachelor's state exams in the study program Furniture Design.

The evaluation committee considers the most successful work to be the work of Martin Coufal, who presented his design and rendering of storage furniture with built-in artificial intelligence technology.

The smart closet with the name “Oloo” is equipped with a microcomputer and a display, thanks to which it can suggest what we should wear or what we should not forget. Thanks to the option of interconnection of multiple devices, we can control the whole house or apartment. Voice control prevents the creation of unbecoming oil smudges on the mirror. (The closet was realized with the cooperation of RAP Interior Company)

“In today’s world full of technological conveniences and smart devices, this student’s work is another option how to use modern technology to improve everyday life” adds to the committee’s evaluation, chairman Jiří Tauber.


Need some help? Say „Hey Mirror“.


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