Help to create a community library!

21. 5. 2020
LDF staff, together with colleagues from ŠLP MS Křtiny, want to establish a community library.

The community library will find a home in Křtiny arboretum. It will be available to anyone interested when the arboretum is open to the public, i.e. at weekends.
“Take whatever you like, and you can bring a book in return. If any books could come together before the arboretum opens on May 30, it would be nice. The library will be ready on the day of opening, so people can bring books directly to the library on Saturday, May 30, and then on other days when it is open, ” added Jitka Fialová (Department of Civil Engineering and Landscape Management) on behalf of the organizing team.
The books should, in some way relate to the forest, nature, landscape: encyclopedias, fairy tales, poems, keys to species identification, prose…
If you want to get involved, if you have books like these at home, which you no longer use, and could therefore give them to a good cause, please contact to arrange handover.


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