FFWT represented at Designblok 2020

22. 9. 2020
Mendel University will be talked about at Designblok – the prestigious international design exhibition held in Prague.

LDF MENDELU will be represented at the event by Alena Sobotkova with her project for manufacturing and testing boards from recycled paper and plastic, and their subsequent use for building stackable tables PapeerStack.

The project was realized within her dissertation work on the theme of „Sustainable development in the furniture design process“, whose leader is Milan Šimek from the Department of Furniture, Design, and Housing. „The idea began during my internship at Lousiana State University (2018), where I started experimenting with paper pulp, and after that I received the yearly project IGA and I started with manufacturing and testing the physical and mechanical characteristics of the boards from paper pulp and starch glue at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (2019) during a three month internship. After, I continued to collaborate with the Department of Wood Science and Wood Technology at MENDELU, where the boards (paper with biodegradable plastic PLA) used for the design of the side tables PapeerStack were created,“ Alena Sobotkova describes the detailed process of creating the boards used for the side tables.

Then, Sobotkova continued her work again in Salzurg within the project AKTON, where her job was testing recycled plastic from the company Plastia mixed with paper. This part of her work was interrupted due to the pandemic COVID-19. The company Plastia will take part in the exhibition by providing flower pots made from recycled post-factory plastic (from defective pieces in production) and is interested in eventually using the paper boards in their products.


Designblok – Designblok- international exhibition of design established in 1999. It represents the current news in world and domestic design. This year’s central location for the exhibition is the historic space of Gabriel Loci at Smichov, where Openstudio (exhibit of designers, schools, and studies) and Superstudio (exhibit of companies, businesses, and manufacturers) are set. Other exhibits can be seen in the most notable shops and galleries in Prague.

Photos: Filip Zvěřina 

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