FFWT MENDELU has signed EU Mission Soil Manifesto

27. 7. 2023

By signing the Mission Soil manifesto, the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (FFWT) has committed itself to the protection and restoration of soil at a time when 60% of the soil in the territory of the European Union states is considered “unhealthy”. By joining the community of signatories, FFWT will have the opportunity to participate actively in scientific procedures and knowledge sharing leading to soil protection under the umbrella of a European initiative.

The European Manifesto Mission Soil supports the involvement of the whole society, not only their leaders, in activities leading to increased soil protection and restoration: from regions, through municipalities, and organizations of various orientations to schools and individuals.

“The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology perceives soil protection as one of its missions. The quality of water, air and food is linked to the soil. It helps absorb carbon, thus contributing to reducing the effects of climate change and supporting biodiversity. Globally, soil stores approximately 80% of the carbon in terrestrial ecosystems, making it the most important carbon sink on land. It also plays a vital role in maintaining the character of our landscape and preserving our cultural heritage. Last but not least, it is the basis of the economy and prosperity,” mentioned Pavlína Pancová Šimková, Vice-Dean for Integration to European Research Area.

As part of the practical implementation of EU Mission Soil “A Soil Deal for Europe”, it supports the creation of 100 living labs in various parts of the world. It will enable soil experiments to be carried out directly in a natural environment, as well as the establishment of so-called lighthouses, places to present already proven practices contributing to improving soil conditions. University Forest Enterprise’s Pro Silva sites are included in the lighthouses network.

Soil monitoring has already been started within the EU. Appropriately chosen education focused on soil literacy should help attract the general public’s attention to the soil. The European Commission aims to achieve tangible results by 2030.

European experts set a total of eight goals that need to be met to improve soil conditions worldwide: reducing desertification, conserving soil organic carbon stocks, stopping soil sealing and increasing re-use of urban soils, reducing soil pollution and enhancing restoration, preventing erosion, reducing soil compaction and improving soil structure, enhance and protect soil biodiversity, reducing the EU global footprint on soils and improving soil literacy in society.

Further information

Contact for further information: Pavlína Pancová Šimková, PhD, Vice-dean for Integration to the European Research Area FFWT MENDELU, +420 545 134 065, pavlina.simkova@mendelu.cz

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