Experts at FFWT MENDELU determine the age of fruit drying sheds in the Horní Vsacko region

18. 5. 2021
The dendrochronological dating method finds the age of six chosen fruit drying sheds in this region. 

Michal Rybníček and his colleague Tomáš Kolář from the Department of Wood Science and Technology at FFWT MENDELU have contributed to this research. Matěj Košťák is also currently writing a bachelor’s thesis on this topic. 

The museum of the Valašsko region, which is trying to find out the age of fruit drying sheds within the research, chose these particular fruit drying sheds, for which it is difficult to find any information from historical maps or from written records. „In the case of five of them, we know for sure that in the past their owners moved them within one farm or within the village cadastre. We want to find out their exact age and maybe also the place where they originally stood,” stated Ivana Spitzer Ostřanská from the museum of the Valašsko region.

Experts from Mendel University in Brno took samples from the wooden beams of the buildings in Vsetín-Potůčky, Zděchov, Halenkov and Hošťálková. In the laboratory they will now determine, by computer analysis, the age of the wood that was used for their construction. The method of dendrochronological dating, based on the analysis of annual rings, can determinate the age of wood to an accuracy of one year.

„The results of this dendrochronological dating will be complete by the end of June of this year. Most of the samples from these newly analysed fruit drying sheds were taken in April, “says Michal Rybníček.

The experts from the FFWT at Mendel University in Brno have been working with dendrochronological dating for the last five years. They began this research in the Vizovická highlands, where they have dated 14 timber-built fruit drying sheds.  

Contact person for more information: doc. Ing. Michal Rybníček, Ph.D.,; Department of Wood Science and Technology at the FFWT, tel.: +420 545 134 547


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