Board of the IGA FFWT MENDELU awarded the student presentations at the SilvaNet-WoodNet

9. 12. 2020
The Board of the Internal Grant Agency (IGA) of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Science Mendel University in Brno awarded an extraordinary scholarship to the following students of doctoral study programs at the tenth SilvaNet-WoodNet 2020.  

SilvaNet – section Forest Protection, Wildlife Management, Forest Phytology, Forest Ecology

  1. Marie Matoušková, project Effect of loss of hydraulic conductivity and carbohydrate stocks on the survival of seedlings with ring-porous wood structure during drought stress reg. no. LDF_PSV_2018003 Matoušková Marie
  2. Henrieta Ďatková, project Histopathological and physiological characteristics of woody hosts affected by Phytophthora infections reg. no. LDF_TP_2019013 Ďatková Henrieta
  3. Soham Basu, project Non-linear material model of mechanical behaviour of wood under different moisture and temperature conditions reg. no. LDF_TP_2019015 Basu Soham


SilvaNet – section Landscaping and Landscape Conservation, Renewable Resources Economics and Management, Forest Management, Silviculture, Applied Geoinformatics and Geodesy details

  1. Marie Matoušková, project Silviculture of pioneer stands – birch on rich sites after allochthones spruce stands reg. no. LDF_PSV_2018002 Matoušková Marie
  2. Martin Kománek, project Remote sensing to support the sustainability of forest production under the condition of ongoing climate change reg. no. LDF_TP_2019012 Kománek Martin
  3. Markéta Kupská, project Problematic of anti-erosion and anti-abrasion protection of significantly threatened localities reg. no. LDF_TP_2019002 Kupská Markéta

The IGA FFWT MENDELU Board also awarded Rahat Ali for the high-quality presentation of the project The effects of microrelief on soil hydrology and runoff processes in a forested micro watershed reg. no. LDF_TP_2019009. Ali Rahat


WoodNet – Wood Science and related technical disciplines

  1. Valentino Cristini, project Mechanical and acoustic properties of standing beech trees (Fagus sylvatica) degraded wood by white-rot wood fungi reg. no. LDF_VP_2020009 Cristini Valentino
  2. Anna Oberle, project Enzymatic hydrolysis of tannin by Aspergillus niger to improve beech wood durability reg. no. LDF_VP_2020046 Oberle Anna
  3. Viktor Pluháček, project Full-scale infrastructure for contemporary wooden based building component tests reg. no. LDF_TP_2020009 Pluháček Viktor


SilvaNet-WoodNet aims to present theses and dissertations of the postgraduate and undergraduate students and to present their project results. The conference is supported by funds of the specific university research activities of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology MENDELU.

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