Architect Boris Hála takes part in JMK Construction competition

13. 5. 2020
First place in the Architectural Design competition Stavba JMK 2019 in the category of civic amenity buildings was won by the Vejrostova 1 primary school extension in Brno-Bystrc.

Architect Boris Hála from the Department of Furniture, Design and Housing took part in the implementation.
The construction was entered in the competition by the designer MENHIR projekt, s.r.o. The Statutory City of Brno was the investor in the award-winning project, the company PS Brno + UNISTAV – ZŠ Vejrostova were the contractors.
According to designs by Boris Hála, a new part of the building, interiors, the overall graphics of the school’s new interior information system and the graphic design of the building’s facades have been realized.

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