Acoustic of Wood

Acoustics of Wood – see ZAW in UIS MENDELU


Objectives and Contents

Student will be introduced to acoustics with orientation to properties of wood and utilization of wood. Course consists of the topics: theory of acoustics, wave propagation in the wood, dynamical and acoustical properties of different wood species, internal friction in the wood, experimental methods for the acoustic characterization of wood, sound as nondestructive tool for wood characteristics assessment, influence of aging and moisture in the acoustic properties of the wood, methods for improving acoustic properties of wood, acoustic emissions, room acoustics, acoustics of musical instruments, numerical methods in vibro-acoustics, using of wood in architecture, sound reproducer systems and musical instruments.


Background Papers

1. Anotation (PDF)


2. Syllabus & Literature (PDF)


3. Vocabulary (PDF)


4. Topics of Bc./MSc. thesis (PDF)


5. Lecture – Introduction & Basic Theory (PDF)


6. Revision – Wood Science (WWW)


7. Lecture – Damping (PDF)


8. Measurement of sound velocity


9. Measurement of natural frequencies