Introduction to Engineering Computing

Introduction to Engineering Computing - see ZIEC in UIS MENDELU

Objectives and Contents

Students will be introduced to computer aided engineering (CAE) using the finite element method (FEM) and with the help of ANSYS software. The course consists of the topics: CAE applications, methods and tools; FEM theoretical background; general concepts of model analyses; ANSYS environment; analysis pre-processing, solution and post-processing; building or import of geometry; building of finite-element models; material models, modelling of basic mechanical and thermal problems based on tutorials. Students will choose their own project topics and work will be led by a teacher.

Background Papers

1. Anotation, Syllabus, Literature (PDF)

2. Vocabulary (PDF)

4. Topics of Bc./MSc. thesis (PDF)

5. Topics of Projects (PDF)

7. Template of Project (DOC)

8. References (PDF)


ANSYS homepage:
ANSYS tutorials: